Art at the Centre 2005

In August 2005 Gerry Wall and I were appointed as lead artists on the Isle of Wight Art at the Centre programme. The Arts Council funds this programme with the aim of embedding artists at the early stage of development projects. Isle of Wight Council plans to build 820 new homes extending the Pan estate in Newport. Our brief was to integrate the design of the new estate with the old, to ensure high design values with a design code, to integrate public art into the scheme, to reduce crime, to ensure social cohesion, to promote regeneration and create jobs. The scheme was to be an ‘exemplar’.

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Barry's cars
Dowsing Survey
Letterbox Lives
Pan Chromatic

Ideal Home (left)
An on-going project that we ran periodically was called ‘Ideal Home’. In workshops people were asked to visualise their ideal home or ideal community. This workshop worked extremely well because it was on the face of it notional. Had we proceeded to the stage of actually building anything though I would have been keen to implement many of the utopian ideas these workshops elicited.