Towards a Museum of Zeroes and Ones

The project was developed with Kris Cohen, Prof. Hilary Kahn. We received funding under the ITEM scheme from FACT in Liverpool, with the support of the Arts Council and NESTA.

I become obsessed with things sometimes. That's how this all began back in 2001 when I first saw the Baby replica (a replica of the first stored-program computer) in the Museum of Science of Industry in Manchester and wanted to know how it worked. I had an idea to build a Star Trek style tricorder that would allow me to scan the machine and tell me how it worked as though it was alien technology, which in a way it is.

If you are the least bit interested in early computing I encourage you to delve deep into this section as there is gold here.

Kris Cohen and I recorded interviews with Dr.Dai Edwards, Prof.Hilary Kahn, Dr.Brian Napper, Chris Burton, Joyce Bowker and Dr.Mary Almond. We have included notes here. If you are interested in the original interviews please get in touch.


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